Due to the healthy distancing (which is not the same as quarantine) to which the coronavirus has subjected us, people have spent more time than normal on the internet, and therefore many services have been receiving many more users. All this has caused many servers to become saturated and navigation to be hindered. For this reason companies like Netflix have reduced the quality of their movies and series (although only in Europe), as I also adopt Facebook and Instagram in Mexico.

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Facebook and Instagram will limit the resolution of videos uploaded to their platform during quarantine to avoid saturating the internet. Mark Zuckerberg companies had announced that they would take this measure in Europe, but through a statement reported that it will apply to Mexico and Latin America.

“To help alleviate networks in this period of high demand due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are going to temporarily reduce the bit resolution of videos on Facebook and Instagram in Latin America. We want to ensure that people can stay connected using Facebook’s apps and service. ”

With this, Facebook and Instagram became the first to take this kind of measure in Mexico, since streaming services such as Netflix and Amazon Prime have not announced similar measures. On the other hand, Facebook did not give more details about the resolution of the videos that will now be available, although 1080p and 720p video playback options are most likely available during quarantine.