Facebook already tests Hotline, another alternative platform to Clubhouse | Technology

Facebook is testing its own audio platform to compete with Clubhouse, Hotline, although it has some differences.

An unexpected career is being lived in which almost all social networks compete for the space that Clubhouse has opened. The social network focused on the world of audio cannot be used yet on Android and everyone wants to take advantage of the opportunity. The last of which there has been news in this regard is Facebook.

Facebook has launched in test mode Hotline, a platform developed by the company’s New Product Experiment section. This application operates in areas very close to Clubhouse, although it must also be said that has some differences.

Regarding the similarities seen, the options focused on voice conversations are very similar and are allows you to share files or have conversations in that way. It is also focusing on promoting it with questions and answers, although the user can always delete the questions that are asked in their space.

Hotline records and saves conversations you have, according to The Next Web. The goal is to be able to return to them whenever you want through an interface that will improve little by little.

What’s more, It has also been decided to give space to the videos, although in a more secondary way. These are reproduced in small circles, the size of the profile image, so they can be useful for recording yourself, but not for sharing other types of content.

The platform that lacks few functions at the moment has not been put in the hands of all users, rather is a sample of what will be launched in the near future. Time is running fast and new features with a similar approach are being seen across all social networks, so don’t expect it to take too long to have a functional app.

In case you want to try Hotline, you can sign up through the official page on the waiting list that will open shortly.