FaceApp is the app of the moment, again. Many of the readers will already know it, because with it you live almost a constant deja-vú. In 2017 we already talked about her, praising how she allowed our photos to change sex and age. The latter it became very fashionable in 2019 thanks to the enormous realism it had gained in the last two years.

Suddenly, many of us who used social media wanted to see what our face would be like in a few decades, and social media was filled with these simulated photos. A further improvement of the FaceApp algorithm in sex change photos It has made the social networks fill with photos of the application just one year later.

The realism of some of them is as impressive as that of the generation of random faces with machine learning.

From politicians to youtubers, through many people in our feed

The first contact with this new wave of FaceApp photos I had with a spectacular Twitter thread in which photos of politicians were taken as a base to go through the application and thus change their sex.

Perhaps for being Andalusian, the best case seems to me to be Susana Díaz, whose transition to the male sex is the best I remember on Twitter. It’s amazing how FaceApp has learned to change not only the face, but also the clothes, which is adapted to the circumstances with quite remarkable precision

After this thread and a stir again, Youtubers and celebrities were not missing who joined to share their photos on social networks.

As you can see, there are better cases and there are worse cases, but the improvement that this application continues to experience continuously is spectacular, especially if we consider that all this can be done for free.

How to make your own sex change with FaceApp


If you want to join this trend of sex change on social networks, all you have to do is install FaceApp on iOS or Android. As we said, doing it is completely free. Of course, we warn you that as with all these applications, there are certain doubts with their data treatment, although as we saw, it does not vary with respect to other great services.

To make the sex change, all we have to do in the application is take a photo or select it from the gallery, and once it is processed, in the editor, go to the “gender” section, where we can choose ‘Male’ and ‘Female’. Once chosen, we will apply the effect and we can already save and share on social networks. Additionally, FaceApp allows you to directly share a “before and after”, where you compare the original photo with the processed one.