Fabiola León Velarde resigns as representative of the Concytec that would monitor vaccination Peru News

Fabiola Leon Velarde He resigned as representative of the National Council of Science, Technology and Technological Innovation (CONCYTEC) before the Multisectoral Commission for the monitoring of vaccination against COVID-19. He pointed out that his resignation is due to the irregular immunizations of several of the members of the group in which he participates.

« I would like to present my resignation as representative of Concytec before the » Multisectoral Commission of a temporary nature in charge of monitoring actions aimed at the development, production, acquisition, donation and distribution of vaccines and / or treatments against COVID-19 – Vaccines « , a designation that was informed by the Concytec to the Foreign Ministry on December 23, » he said.

He maintains that his decision was made after learning through the media about the VacunaGate case, in which many of his colleagues have been involved. She also adds that this information has « deeply surprised and dismayed her. »

Statement issued by Fabiola León Velarde. Photo: broadcast

VacunaGate Case

On February 11, former President Martín Vizcarra affirmed that he had otherwise vaccinated against the coronavirus with the doses of the Chinese laboratory Sinopharm. After this revelation, a series of questions began that led to the discovery of a total of 487 people in the same situation, including high-ranking public officials, authorities and businessmen.

This case of secrecy and favoritism has been called Vacunagate. Due to what Vizcarra said, Prime Minister Violeta Bermúdez and the then head of the Ministry of Health (MINSA), Pilar Mazzetti, were summoned before the Plenary of Congress to respond to what happened.