Fabio Fognini: “I’m in Tokyo despite not being a good time”

Years go by, players go by and Fabio Fognini he is still there, where ever, standing up for Italy in any type of competition. This time we will see you in Tokyo, in your third Olympic Games, defending the shirt in search of giving a medal to his country. Those who will not be Jannik Sinner or Matteo Berrettini, the latter cited to play doubles with him. Perhaps because of this (and because some sources admit that Fabio found out about his discharge from the press), the one from San Remo was quite critical in a talk with La Repubblica, where it answers almost everything.

Lower Berrettini

“Matteo’s choice to leave the tournament has ended up affecting me too, because I won’t be able to play the doubles draw. With him here, I’m sure that Italy’s chances on the podium would have been very high, even in singles they would have been higher. Matteo is living a very special moment, there is no doubt about that, but I prefer not to comment so that it does not generate controversy. I don’t know exactly what injury he has, I didn’t talk to him about it, I have my opinion and I keep it to myself. In any case, I wish him a speedy recovery ”.

Fragile moment of form

“Physically I am fine, I am hitting the ball correctly, even at this moment where I am experiencing a difficult moment on the court, so to speak. This has happened to me at other times throughout my 15-year career. For example, in the first two or three months after winning Monte Carlo 2019 I was very lost. Fortunately, it depends on me, I know how to handle it, now I have to reorganize the ideas in my head, I know that I am 34 years old, that I am no longer 24, there are many trips that I carry on my back and all these restrictions with COVID weigh on me a bit”.

An atypical Olympic Games

“I am a bit sad about the fact that there is no audience, that will make everything more difficult, besides the heat there is. The Ariane Tennis Park is very beautiful, they made two great central stadiums and I don’t know how many training courts, but the emptiness of the stands will remain, that’s what I don’t like. I don’t know if we can talk about a reboot, I think that in history these will be recorded as a different Olympic Games due to all the pro-covid bans, daily exams and masks everywhere. It’s all a bit strange, I’m still stunned when I look around and wonder: What’s going on?

Italy always first

“For the national team I was always ready, in the sense that I never backed down. I have come here to Tokyo despite not being at my best, I can lose in the first round or I can hang a medal, in any case I know that I will have given my best. We also have the case of the absence of Jannik Sinner, they are personal decisions of each one and we must respect them, but I do not share them ”.

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