Fabien Galthié deciphers his choices

The coach of the XV of France Fabien Galthié and the general manager Raphaël Ibanez have deciphered their choices for the final of the Autumn Nations Cup on Sunday in England, this Friday at a press conference.

An unbalanced encounter

Raphaël Ibanez: “Seen from abroad, we can understand it. On this point, the English are right. The two national selections are not on the same footing and that does not date from today. I am thinking of the preparation before the game against Wales this fall, or even the week before Italy. Despite all that, we managed to win the matches, it means that the state of mind, the character are present. It means we have a talented team and, who knows, they might be ready to knock down mountains this weekend. When preparing for a test match, you have to take everything into account. In any case, we are not going to let it go. “

Many U20 world champions in the group

RI: “They had good results as young people, it’s a form of continuity. It’s interesting to see that through the young French teams, at 7, the national team is at the center of the players’ project. “

Pierre Bourgarit

Fabien Galthié: “Pierre has been playing good games since the start of the season with La Rochelle. He always had great potential. He has the power, the technique, he is tough. He deserves to come back to the France team. Teddy Baubigny’s injury allowed him to join the 23, it will be interesting to see him start. “

Lack of experience

FG: “The players have little experience, but we tried to speed it up during the short preparation. We must make the most of the time spent together. We work a lot on strategy. The February game against England helped us a lot. We mix things up and try to build the week to arrive as well prepared as possible for the game. Sunday, we’ll be ready, I assure you. “

The kicking game

FG: “In our strategy, our attack plan is simple, we look for space when we carry the ball, but also behind the second curtain, in the deep field. It becomes a game of possession and dispossession, which must be organized to be coherent. You have to adapt to changing rules. The English identified an organization very early on, which evolves over time. Early on, Eddie Jones set up a hand-to-foot alternation, with four potential No.10s on the court, and therefore four feet. There is a very good balance between the power of the forwards and the explosiveness of the three-quarters. It is a team that masters its rugby well, it is no coincidence that since 2015 it has been No. 1 or No. 2 in the world, it has lost few matches. It is a team, with more than 850 cumulative selections. We have the challenge of transforming a selection that has two training sessions in common as a team.

Hassane Kolingar

FG: “He shows an astonishing maturity, he has already started a personal development, through his history. He was led very quickly to assume a posture, to grow. He is one of the best left pillars in the championship. It’s really incredible what we see, these young people who grow up and absorb everything we experience together, they are astounding by their capacity for assimilation. They go very fast. “

Alivereti Raka

FG: “He came during the Tournament, he came when he was suspended, he spent time with us. We considered him ready, despite the few games he played. It’s the same for Baptiste Pesenti, Yoram Moefana. They are not all equal on the number of game sheets since the start of the season. We take this into account but we also take into account the training sessions and the time spent together to get our sixth game sheet of the fall. “

The possibility of winning a title

FG: “Each week is an opportunity to progress in the methodology. This last week is different from the first. We have changed the time spent in the field, the organization, the analytics. It’s all about the details. Each week spent together makes us progress on the quality of what we offer to the players. When we started, there was first of all a desire to win matches, titles. This is our second competition and we still have the opportunity to finish first or second. Even if the path is the most important, we can play for victory in our second competition, after finishing tied for first in the 6 Nations Tournament, and that suits us very well. “