Jean Todt has devised a master plan to guarantee the survival of the sport

Many issues on the table beyond the budget ceiling

Formula 1 has scheduled for this Friday an electronic vote of the teams on some aspects for the future. In addition to the budget ceiling issue, some ideas to decide on will be the use of the wind tunnel and the topic of open source pieces.

FIA President Jean Todt has presented the teams with a kind of ‘New Deal’ to ensure the future of Formula 1. Today the teams will vote on the series of proposals put forward by the French, according to the German website Motorsport-Total.

The ‘New Deal’ is the name that the President of the United States used Franklin D. Roosevelt to call his interventionist policy to fight against the effects of the Great Depression in the United States in the 1930s. Great Circus after the crisis caused by the covid-19.

In addition to the budget ceiling to be introduced in 2021, more measures are needed on which the teams will vote today. The first consists of a handicap system in aerodynamic developmentIn such a way that the less successful teams can use the wind tunnel for more hours to develop their cars and those who have better results have less use of them. In this way it is intended to help the category have more equality.

Another topic on the table is introducing the use of open source parts. This consists of sharing the design of parts that exist in all cars such as the pedals, to save development costs for the smallest teams.

The establishment of a system of tokens in chassis development, as was done with the evolution of the engine at the beginning of the hybrid era.

It should be remembered that the FIA ​​recently modified the regulations and that it no longer needs unanimity, but only the majority, to carry out a modification in the F1 regulations.

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