Formula 1 is confident that the measures being taken in Europe can make the coronavirus situation better enough to start the season behind closed doors in July or August.

The coronavirus has already caused the postponement or cancellation of the first eight Grand Prix of the season and more negative announcements in this regard are expected this month.

The will of Formula 1 was to try to save between 15 and 18 races to be held in a compressed second half of the year. However, the fact that the Great Circus is a global sport and that not all countries are facing the virus simultaneously or with the same severity further complicates the situation.

The proposal that is being studied right now, as revealed by the meeting that the team leaders had yesterday with Carey and Todt, is to start the season with races behind closed doors while the restrictions of the countries that force social distancing are not lifted.

From the Great Circus they trust that the measures being taken in Europe will help the situation to improve, as some countries are already showing, for the summer. Thus, this favorable evolution makes them think that they can start the season with the holding of a number of races behind closed doors in July or August, according to the BBC.

One possibility being considered is to start with the British Grand Prix. Although the events that were on the calendar before Silverstone -Canada, France and Austria- have not been postponed yet, today it seems the most feasible event to start the campaign, since seven of the ten teams on the grid have their headquarters on British soil. The new calendar topic will be discussed in a new meeting in a few days.

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