F1 shows 360 ° video of Hamilton and Verstappen crash

Hamilton managed to emerge only with neck pain from a brutal accident with title rival Max Verstappen as they battled for position in the first chicane mid-race at Monza.

Photos that emerged after the incident showed Verstappen’s wheel hitting Hamilton’s helmet, but new images released by F1 offer an even closer look at exactly what happened.

In the 360º camera shot that all cars have on their nose, the images show Verstappen’s car rising above the left side of Hamilton’s.

At first, the Hamilton halo is struck by the area of ​​the ground just behind the pontoon of the Red Bull RB16 of Verstappen that lands on over the top of the Mercedes W12.

As the Red Bull moves forward, it leans to the left as the bottom of the ground slides along the halo, near Hamilton’s head.

That’s when Verstappen’s right rear wheel, which has scraped the top of Hamilton’s engine cover and roll bar, moves forward in front of the air intake which then drops and hits the top of the Hamilton’s hull seven times. World Champion.

Hamilton’s head can be seen being pushed down and forward, before the Red Bull continues to roll forward and eventually ends up laying its nose on the gravel.

Speaking after Italian Grand PrixHamilton made it clear how lucky he had been in the accident, and had no doubt that the halo had saved him from serious injury or death.

“Thank God for the halo that I finally believe saved me and saved my neck,” he commented. “I think at the time I felt it was a huge shock, but all I was thinking was, could I get going again?”

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Photos of Hamilton walking away from the crash site showed that the impact with Verstappen’s wheel had broken parts of the top of his helmet.

The 360-degree camera from the front of Verstappen’s car captures the moments after the incident, as the Dutchman briefly tried to get going before giving up and getting out.

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