Consider that American sport is one step behind

Praise Hamilton’s attitude and leadership at the forefront of this F1 move

Formula 1 started the 2020 season with the We Race As One initiative with which they defend equality between people of different races or gender. On the other hand, the pilots wear shirts on the grill with the motto ‘End Racism’, while Lewis Hamilton is fully involved in the fight against racism. Willy T. Ribbs is clear that the queen category is one step ahead in this matter.

The American was the first black driver to drive a Formula 1 car in 1986. It highlights not only the great work of the category, but also that of Hamilton.

“Formula 1 is light years ahead of whatever America is doing right now. I think what this young guy (Hamilton) is doing is fabulous. Formula 1 is a sport seen worldwide, a great platform “Beyond The Grid said on the F1 podcast.

Ribbs emphasizes that Hamilton is not afraid of losing followers or even contracts in order to defend what he believes to be fair and focuses on precisely the opposite in the United States.

“Many athletes, especially those who are here in America, are afraid of losing money or commercial value. Lewis has put all that aside and I am seeing other young Formula 1 drivers being brave and doing the right thing,” he explained.

The American is aware that Hamilton is the most successful driver in the premier class today and that millions of people consider him an example to follow. That is why he believes that precisely using his popularity to be the loudspeaker in the fight against racism is a positive thing.

“Six world titles build credibility. There is nothing more credible than that. Now you can use it. Formula 1 can and should use it, must take the Hamilton brand, which is being seen by everyone, and take these children with them to the survival of the sport, not only bringing diversity, but for its survival “, he pointed out.

Ribbs thinks that a notable difference between Formula 1 and motorsports in the United States is the diversity that exists. Currently, the queen category has pilots of fourteen nationalities, from Canadian or Finnish to Thai or Mexican.

“I think the sport now sees that here is a great opportunity to expand, to bring in the new Lewis Hamilton. Formula 1 has drivers from all over the world, from different countries. Formula 1 seems to be progressing. None of the other sports do. , except for NASCAR having Bubba Wallace, “he said to finish.

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