The Government will impose a mandatory quarantine on those who cross their borders

There is still hope for Silverstone: in three weeks there will be a review

The Government of the United Kingdom has rejected this afternoon the possibility of making exceptions to the compulsory quarantine that they will impose on foreigners from June 8, so the two races that Formula 1 wanted to celebrate at the Silverstone circuit are located at the edge of the razor.

Those responsible for the circuit revealed last week that they had reached an agreement with Formula 1 to carry out two races – behind closed doors, of course – this season, the date of which fitted after Austria. However, everything was in the hands of Boris Johnson’s decisions.

To celebrate these races, Formula 1 needed a especial special permit ’to be able to avoid the 14-day quarantine that the UK Government will mandatorily implement from June 8 on all who cross its borders. This afternoon the confirmation has arrived that there will be no exceptions.

Of course, all is not lost yet. This measure will be reviewed in three weeks – that is, in mid-June – while the races planned for the Silverstone circuit were, according to the latest unofficial drafts, between the end of July and the beginning of August. In a few weeks, the situation may change.

In spite of everything, the director of the circuit of Silverstone, Stuart Pringle, hopes that the Government of the United Kingdom takes into account the importance of Formula 1 and does not lose hope of finding a solution to this situation.

“I am very clear that the government understands the importance of the industry. Therefore, I remain optimistic that a sensible and pragmatic solution can be found, which puts the responsibility on sport with all reason to find the right solution,” Stuart Pringle has commented, according to Sky Sports.

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