F1 – Hungarian GP 2021: Fernando Alonso: follow the tute at 40

Young Fernando Alonso said when he was in his 20s that he is not seen with 40 doing the same. Well here, not only as busy as then, but with more tute than expected, already with two victories in the 24 Hours of Le Mans, the title of Endurance, the attempts in the 500 Miles, the victory at Daytona, the Dakar in between, all that in the span of two seasons in which he moved away from F1.

Of course, age in Fernando’s case will not be an obstacle to continue as he is, fighting with the next generation of you. Today he turns 40, at the Hungaroring, where in 2003 he doubled over Michael Schumacher to achieve his first, precocious victory in F1.

“With such a shave they won’t ask me about my age. It seems that I am 20 years old in Hungary, go to the solarium. Being dark, shaving and looking very young “, he admitted jokingly with the Spanish press after the last Silverstone race.

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“It will be a very normal race, unchanged for me. I feel good, honestly after the action at the beginning of the year, the first two races, with the stress that I was worried about the jaw and the shoulder, that I had a small injury, now I feel super fit and 200% “, Alonso acknowledges.

“In Hungary it plays a new number, so eat some cake, but other than that it’s going to be a very normal weekend and I feel like I’m 25. So whatever the passport says, it’s not what I feel, “he closes with pride.


Alonso is eleventh in the championship with 26 points, 12 more than his teammate, Esteban Ocon, who is thirteenth and only Fernando could resist at the beginning of the season. The 14th is the only driver, along with Norris, to score points in the last five races and the best in starts in a couple of them. The usual Alonso who, according to his lifelong physio, Edoardo Bendinelli, has the body and stamina of when he was 28.


This year the objective is to finish in the top five as a squire, in addition to awakening processes and the staff of the racing team, and the big bet is precisely 2022, with the wild change of regulations from which everyone hopes to place their car in the lead. Also Alpine. Also Fernando.

Who knows if the youngest two-time champion in F1 history in 2006 will win another unexpected trophy, that of the oldest champion, still held by Juan Manuel Fangio at 46 years of age, and 41 days. It seems distant, but with Fernando you never know.

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