F1 – Hungarian GP 2021: Carlos Sainz: “The fight between Mercedes and Red Bull … it won’t hurt us”

Updated 07/29/2021 – 14:31

Carlos Sainz It is no stranger to the tremendous battle that has been struck between Hamilton and Verstappen, between Red Bull and Mercedes, may be a good scenario for Ferrari to spend more time on the 2022 car, which could bring them closer to the big two next season. “It won’t do us any harm. I don’t know if it will help us, but it sure won’t hurt us.” Madrid has pointed out to the Spanish press, with a hint of sarcasm.

They are seeing it in the front row, a bloody fight like it has not been witnessed in F1 for years, and it can also bring them some income, so from Maranello they seem to have a certain sense of possible personal benefit in the whole affair. What he does make clear is that “Nobody wants to see 51G accidents, I don’t want that, but having touches and fighting ahead can benefit us at some point, just that”, adds Carlos with all the lgivca

Possible pole this weekend?

“It is a circuit that suits us a little better than others, just because it has fewer straights and it will make us closer to others. I am optimistic, but not enough to think that we can fight for pole as in Bak or in Mnaco “.

The podium does not rule it out

“Many things should fit together, because at least four cars should be in front in theory. Our goal is to be fifth or sixth, although then you pass one at the start and another has a problem and is on the podium. I do not rule it out, but in normal conditions, if nothing happens and there is no spectacular start, the podium should be very difficult, although it is a circuit that should do us a little better than others “.

Budapest, it’s not so slow anymore

“In any case with these cars it is no longer a slow track, at least the feeling we have at the wheel, since we do the lap in 1.13 from 2017 and we come from 1.20, now it is crazy in fourth, fifth, fourth fifth, with a hairpin lagoon, but you can’t say slow, but rather medium. That’s why I say it doesn’t have to be ideal, it has to be better than Silverstone, but it’s not the slowness of Mnaco. At least we hope there is heat that avoids let our limitations be seen. “

Florion GogaAP

Work on degradation

“It was three days of intense work, all paddling in the same direction, listening to different points of view, doing drills, simulations, meetings … as a pilot, my best experience in a team,” says Sainz.

The fight with McLaren

“The battle with McLaren is still open, we are very close in performance, but we are not obsessed with this as there are other higher priorities than to beat them in constructors: we want to improve as a team, work to fight to win the title next year” –

Season halves balance

“The first part of the year has been good for me, it was a challenge for me, and I am proud of how quickly I have reached speed, that it was a relief to see that I was there from day one and that I had to focus on other things, that is, putting the whole weekend together, qualification, race, tire management, strategy, stops, etc … I’m working on it and as soon as I achieve it the results will be even more consistent and not just fast. “

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