The Championship closes with 30 million views between television and networks

The most watched event was the virtual Vietnam Grand Prix, held in Albert Park

Formula 1 has achieved a record audience with its virtual championship. The category ensures that it has obtained 30 million views on television and on digital platforms throughout the break, in which Liberty has decided to entertain fans with this alternative show.

The Formula 1 2020 eSports Championship closes with an audience of 30 million views on television and digital platforms. This competition was an idea for Liberty Media to entertain fans during the break of the Great Circus by covid-19.

Eight virtual Grand Prizes, exhibition races and challenges were organized. At the different events some of the F1 drivers competed against athletes, musicians and other well-known faces from the entertainment world.

Virtual Grand Prix got 21.8 million views on digital platforms, YouTube, Twitch and Facebook and Weibo and Huya in China. The television audience is estimated to add five million more views to the final count.

The most watched event was the virtual Vietnam Grand Prix, in which she competed at Albet Park, which stood out in the number one spot for YouTube Trends in the UK.

In addition, F1 also takes into account the audience the drivers reached through its Twitch channels. Regular pilots Charles Leclerc, George Russell, Lando Norris and Alex Albon add 2.7 million views to the count, according to the Twitchtracker. The virtual F1 Championship also increased the monthly streaming hours played with F1 2019 by 1,000%.

F1 continues to bet on content creation and is rewarded for its efforts by collecting 695 million impressions on the various platforms and 85 million views on video content from the Championship.

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