F1 – Austrian GP 2021: Cabreo de Alonso after the ‘Vettelada’: “The weekend is over”

Updated 07/03/2021 – 16:47

“It’s going to be a race to forget because of a corner, it’s very frustrating.” It has been a long time since you have heard a Fernando Alonso so hurt and helpless because of an alien and strange action that ruins his weekend.

The ‘Vettelada’ in the final lap of Q2 was championship, just when there were express orders not to loosen in that section of entrance to the straight because the pilots arrive hurried and with little visibility. Right where Vettel has decided to slow down and almost causes a strong collision with the Spaniard, who has escaped a “but what the fuck … this is incredible.”

He then gestured to Vettel as the German apologized for 300 meters, but the damage was done: “Why haven’t you told me to see Fernando?” said the Aston Martin on the radio to the team, who was especially awkward when telling him that “everything is clear behind.” “It was not my mistake,” the tetracampen also pissed off.

“It does not matter a bit what happens to them, will they penalize them and? We, if we came out fifth or sixth, because it was our best car in qualifying throughout the year, third in Q1, it would have been third or fourth in Q2 and surely fifth sixth in Q3, and of course Leaving 14 is to add many points to not add any because it cannot be traced so easily here“said the Asturian. “The weekend is over here and what happens to the rest … the worst has been for us.”

“Even if the last one came out, the 20th, it doesn’t matter … is that we went from adding 10 12 points to adding zero and a weekend in which we were doing well, because the same in another you do not care. We had even made the selection of the tires for the first time with two games in Q3 and it has never happened to us, thinking more about Saturday than Sunday and we have this … “

Fernando does not see options for the race. “Here everything is in a tenth and we do not have extra speed on the straights and you start on 14 and arrive on 12 or 11, but as I say, from fifth to this there is a difference. and I think we deserved it because the car was fantastic today. ”

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