F1 – Austrian GP 2021: Alfa Romeo’s dart to the FIA

Updated 06/29/2021 – 16:38

Since the controversy of the rear wings that the FIA ​​has been more strict and has not missed a single one. Changes in tire pressure and slower pit stops, are some of the measures that the institution has taken to ensure the safety of the pilots and mechanics.

Regulations that have not made the teams or their representatives happy, this time Fred Vasseur, Alfa Romeo has commented on its dissatisfaction with these new regulations.

After the tire explosions in Bak, the FIA ​​has issued an 18-page text on tire pressures. Pirelli. More recently, at the Styrian Grand Prix, a notice has been issued about the automation of the ‘pits stops’ to begin to rule in Hungary.

Alfa Romeo mechanics with Giovinazzi’s car @ alfaromeoracing

According to Vasseur, he affirms that the latter affects more to a team like Alfa Romeo due to the current restrictions of Covid-19 in force and has pointed out: “To handle F1 by making new regulations in the course of the season, I don’t think that’s the right way to do it. “

The head of Kimi Raikkonen is in favor of these types of changes being made during the winter break so that it interferes with the work of the season, “We have the entire winter period to prepare things. The pit stops did not change compared to last year, and if they have to change something, it could have been done last winter“, Has expressed.

“Now we are changing rapidly for security reasons, but we will have to change a couple of things between Silverstone and Budapest. I’m not sure it’s a good step towards safety. “, said Vasseur.

The Italian squire is already having problems to be able to comply with the Fia regulations, “In our case, we will not be allowed to return to the factory between Silverstone and Budapest with the quarantine in Switzerland“commented the French.

I think it’s not the right way to do it, that we now have more notices from the FIA ​​than press releases on Monday morning, “the Alfa Romeo one ironically added:”Every Monday, we have a list of regulations. It is the new way of governing F1, and it is not the right way. “

The team that has 2 points this season is already thinking about the next rule change that will come to them and Vasseur has commented: “The next issue will be the deviation of the front spoiler. We have to talk about this“.

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