F1 2021: “We need time to digest the new Sprint”

There were controversial opinions about the new format that are released as a test in the Grand Prix of Great Britain. In general there are many positive aspects, such as the new sense of Friday, previously empty, and others not so much as overtime, or useless for the viewer of the Saturday morning session, as a prelude to the new F1 Sprint, the Qualifying-Short Race, which largely changed what was seen in the Qualifying session on Friday,

In any case, there will be more appointments to continue noting the defects, such as the Italian Grand Prix, already in September, and then we will see if it will be implemented in a new system in 2022, and especially for what number of Grand Prix.

The main requests are that pole remains for the one who achieves the best time on the first grid, since that is the traditional Classification, or have more points awarded, perhaps to the top 5 in the Sprint, to encourage struggles in the middle zone.

The Schedule, in a habitual way in which the public is loyal, is another of the demands towards F1 with the new experiment. At 9:00 p.m. on Saturday, all the sanctions that occurred in that Sprint had not yet been communicated and the surroundings of Silverstone were still blocked by the public leaving the circuit.

Binotto points out that there are points to improve

Mattia Binotto, director of Ferrari, believes that not many conclusions can be drawn yet. “The new format is an experiment that we have decided to test in three races. I think it is still a bit early to decide “, said on ‘’.

“Need a little longer to digest. I think there are certain things that can be improved, like what can be done to make Saturday morning a little more relevant. “says about the session of long runs and very slow times due to the fuel load to rehearse the race on Sunday.

“The race, the mini-race or sprint qualifying, it seemed a bit strange to me. But, as I say, we need to digest it. Television audiences will be important. I don’t think we can decide now. We have to wait and we will have a clearer image after the next two occasions “, assesses the Italian technician.

Mick Schumacher prefers the usual

Other voices, like Mick Schumacher, prefer the traditional format, that instead of seeing only one race trying to avoid the red lantern, he had to face the same drink twice at Silverstone, with this season’s infumable Haas.

Silverstone (United Kingdom), 17/07/2021.- German Formula One driver Mick lt;HIT gt;Schumacher lt;/HIT gt; (R) of Haas F1 Team and Australian Formula One driver Daniel Ricciardo (L) of McLaren F1 Team in action during the second practice session of the Formula One Grand Prix of Great Britain at the Silverstone Circuit, in Northamptonshire, Britain, 17 July 2021. The 2021 Formula One Grand Prix of Great Britain will take place on 18 July. (Frmula Uno, Gran Bretaa, Reino Unido) ./EPA/ANDY RAINANDY RAIN.

“It’s nice for the fans, who can see races on Saturday and Sunday, I don’t foresee that F1 will go to this in every event. I think it will be something specific, that there will be maybe three or four races a year. I would prefer to have the normal format, and then some races can be made special that way, “says the German.

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