F1 2021: “The rivalry between Hamilton and Verstappen go down in history”

Updated 07/23/2021 – 14:20

Nico Rosberg did not want to be left out of the discussion of the incident between Verstappen y Hamilton. The German believes that what happened in Silverstone It has been the result of the pilots’ effort to reach the limit, and he has confessed: “It was a racing incident. ”

The former pilot continued: “I mean that everyone is reaching the limit, is normal when you are fighting to win a race, you are fighting for a championship and everything is very laughed at, you know the importance of starting first in the first round “.

The German knows from his experience that this type of situation is inevitable, and has expressed: “When you’re on the edge like that, a touch is going to happen at some point.”

Rosberg on ‘’ has referred to the rivalry between the Red Bull driver and the Mercedes driver, which reminds him of his years racing with Hamilton. “I think it will become one of those great rivalries. It also reminds me of my intense rivalry with Lewis“.

Hamilton and Rosberg in Germany 2016

For the boss of the Extreme E team, Rosberg X Racing, he insists: “To be considered one of the greats because Lewis is the greatest of all time and Max is the star of the next generation. “

The world champion in 2016 also collided with the heptacampen, What Spa 2014 and other incidents in Austria and Spain in the year he was crowned champion and believes that these situations give excitement to the championship.

“It leaves them in a great intense battle. Can’t wait to turn on the TV for the next installment. Because definitely the intensity has increased “, the former German pilot has finished.

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