F1 2021: “Mercedes renewed Hamilton because Verstappen told them no”

If the tension between Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen, after the controversial incident last Sunday at Silverstone, now comes a specialist in putting weeds, like Ralf Schumacher, to shake the shaker of grievances some more. The ‘brother’ maintains that the only reason why Mercedes has renewed for two years more to the seven-time champion of the world, it’s because Max would have told them no being probed to sign with them.

“For me, that extension It mainly means that Max rejected Mercedes. I think Mercedes had pinned all his hopes on capturing Verstappen for that steering wheel, in order to fully secure its future. That idea no longer exists and, in my opinion, Lewis was the only alternative ‘, assures Ralf and ‘Sports Image’.

For the German, it is not at all clear whether Brackley’s men will be able to turn the tables on this championship, even with Verstappen’s zero in Great Britain and with their lead reduced to just 8 points over Hamilton, with 13 rounds to be contested. Although finally they could be some less due to the incidence of Covid that threatens countries like Brazil or Japan.

I hope nobody gets hurt in the duel between Max and Lewis “

“I’m curious if Mercedes will be able to turn the World Cup around, because Red Bull still has a lot to offer, and maybe they haven’t shown it all yet. Really. it will come down to a duel between Hamilton and Verstappen. I hope no one gets hurt. They remind me more and more of Senna and Prost and the way they handled themselves on the track, “concludes the German.

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