F1 2021: Mercedes: “Lewis did nothing wrong, everything was regulatory”

Mercedes is taking an educational stance in their networks and channels, away from thick words, to analyze the accident between Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen.

“We understand that many people believe that whoever is behind in the curve should be obliged to take care that there is not a blow, or that you have to take the curve through the vertex, or have the other car passed … but it is not what the regulation says“says James Allison, the team’s former chief technical officer.

For Allison, Lewis did not do anything outside of the regulations, specifically the guide that the FIA ​​provides to the stewards analyzing this type of actions when sanctioning them. “Lewis’s maneuver is absolutely in line with the FIA’s overtaking guide.”, he assures.

“If you are indoors during an overtaking, this guide says that you must be substantially parallel to the other car, and Lewis was, his nose past the middle of Verstappen’s car. And being able to go around the curve, fast or not, without pulling out, doesn’t require you to get out of it first, so at that point you don’t have to back or out of the way and the other car has a duty to avoid hitting you. If you see frame by frame, Lewis did nothing wrong, “he says.

Allison insists on emphasizing that she had the car where the regulation asks for, “the curve could not only do it but he did it, and it does not matter if it is very fast or slow, and then at that same point he made two equal overtakes (one of them the victory over Leclerc) and nothing happened, there were no contacts in either case “.

The track engineer Andrew Shovlin even concludes that it was “inevitable”. “If you look at the Sprint Race and look at the first lap of the main race, Lewis had to constantly back up to avoid a collision,” he says after analyzing the images for several days.

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