F1 2021: Ferrari, getting closer to its first win in 2021

A little further from the focus of the Lewis Hamilton-Max Verstappen polemic, it turns out that a Ferrari driver, Cherles Leclerc, came close to scoring the first win for the Scuderia since Singapore 2019. Something has changed in the last three races (Styria, Austria and Great Britain) so that the SF21 has started to beat McLaren clearly and so that a series of new ones can be seen.

red buds’ in Maranello’s car.

Came to


wrapped in

all kinds of objections,

like the one that is a motor track, fast cornering and management of the front tires, almost the ‘kryptonite’ of this year’s car, and

they leave for Budapest

(July 30 to August 1)

heavily reinforced

in the great work they are doing on every detail of the car.

Almost no new parts

For Ferrari

there hasn’t been a great upgrade kit since Bahrin,

one of those so-called ‘upgrades’ (evolutions) that in other times were announced with great fanfare and that later were half of what was expected. They have focused on

improve the set in each mechanical and aerodynamic element,

in getting the best


possible between simulation and asphalt and

in correcting the great defects

, applying only small details of adaptation to each circuit. The

result is better than expected and surprises even within the squad

of the ‘pony’.

Background work on the settings

“Seriously that

there is no magic recipe.

Nothing is hidden. It has been

worked up

very intensely in the


‘(configuration settings), both at the factory and on the track, and it is being improved. It was

the reaction to what happened in France “,


Marc Gen at MARCA,

who is not quite able to explain the improvement and

the fabulous rhythm of Leclerc and Sainz at Silverstone.

One was two laps away from winning the event and kept Bottas and his Mercedes at bay for the entire race. Madrid, until the mechanic’s error in the pit stop (12.5 seconds)

had overtaken Ricciardo, had the fast lap

(at that time) with the middle tires heavily worn at the time and

threatened the room

Lando Norris post.

The least powerful engine, yet

Achieving that with the current engine, the least powerful of the four on the grid (it is said that 20CV less than the best), although each time the difference is smaller among all, leaves a message in the air for Mercedes and Red Bull for 2022 To be a contender for the fight for the World Cup if they follow the path that is being seen throughout this entire course, because next there will be more real power under the accelerator compared to rivals.

Binotto happy after Great Britain

Despite losing the race to Hamilton, the Ferrari director,

Mattia Binotto,

was left with the positive reading: “We had a good race pace and I think that is the most important thing for us after the disaster, if you can call it that, of what happened.

in France”,

he assured after the English test ‘. When they talk about what happened at Paul Ricard, they refer to the painful collapse of both cars, which burned their wheels in very few laps and ended with a crash.

11 for Sainz and 16 for Leclerc

, at the mercy of much less performing cars. “The team has worked well and already

there are three consecutive races in which we have a good race pace

. We always focus on ourselves, to continually try to improve. Come here to Silverstone, to a difficult track, and

getting a good qualification and being second in the race is something we are very satisfied with “,

grant the Italian technician. And we must not forget that they have not lost their speed in Qualifying, that this time it was Friday and where Leclerc was fourth.

The two pilots bring

“Charles has done very well all weekend:

Friday in qualifying, yesterday in the Sprint and Sunday too.

Carlos had a bit more bad luck with a problem with the gun at the pit stop

which cost him an important position. However

, when he had a clean track he had a good rhythm and this is positive news

for us “, Binotto analyzed satisfied.

Hungra, pista optima


in two weeks Hungra arrives, t

slow reasoning and mechanical traction, known as the permanent monkey,

very good a priori for this SF21, or at least it was in the month of May,

when Leclerc took pole in the Principality and

Sainz was fourth and obtained the first podium of the year

for Ferrari. “Budapest

it is a track that can be better adapted to our car.

It’s very hot again, so front tire wear is a problem. We will have to be careful, but

These last few races augur well for our progress.

We should not think about reaching Hungary and

be faster than Red Bull or Mercedes. We are not going to get a 1-2, but we are going to do our best

, to fight, because we have seen that each race can bring surprises “, Binotto places on one of the best stage in the remainder of the World Championship for his car.

Victory may lie ahead for Leclerc or Sainz,

let no one forget him.

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