F1 2021: Fernando Alonso: “I did not hesitate at any time”

Fernando Alonso has five races scoring points and beating his teammate, Esteban Ocon. The Asturian has returned to Formula 1 after being two years out of the queen category, a few days after turning 40, the pilot has given an interview to ‘’ where he has referred to the criticism that reached him at the beginning of the season.

Alonso has confessed that since his return he never thought it was a mistake and he was clear that it was a matter of time to begin to have the expected results. “I didn’t think about it. I knew it was a period of adaptation“, the pilot commented when asked if he thought that he was no longer the same as before, and adds: “I was hoping it was a little faster, because after getting into the WEC, the Dakar, Indianapolis, Formula 1 was something more natural for me and I thought it would be 100% fast. “

The Alpine has claimed that the critics have helped him in his return and remembers his performance in Monte Carlo. “For example in Mnaco, that I was hoping that would be a more favorable circuit, I was left out in Q1, it does not stop disappointing you. I knew it was a matter of time. The criticisms or those comments … Not that I liked them, but I saw them as a blessing. “, Alonso has said.

Criticism in the career of the two-time champion has been common, Fernando knew that they would be present again, but that he would soon appreciate what he was achieving, and has expressed: “Because it was only a matter of time that if he made a tenth now it would be valued, because if he was always ahead of Ocon or if it was always in the points it was going to say as it has always been said in my career, that my partner was not at the highest level and that the car could give more, but that I did not give more “.

Alonso and Ocon at the presentation of the new 2022 F1RV RACING PRESS car

“I knew that anything that happened in the future was going to be valued a lot more. There were races that still didn’t go very there, like France, that I did a ninth. A good race, but nothing special. But it sold like it had been super. career, thanks to those first -good- races coming. I knew it was a good thing, “continued the Apine pilot.

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