Garay, a Valencia player, accepts the challenge of his wife Tamara Gorro and posts a video on his Instagram doing a sensual dance

To bad weather, good face. That will say Ezequiel Garay, who refuses to lower his arms. The Valencia central, recently operated on from a serious knee injury, knew that he had tested positive for coronavirus, so he is completely isolated, serving quarantine to avoid spreading the Covid-19. But far from sinking, the footballer is showing the courage to push forward, largely thanks to the support of his wife. Tamara Beanie. The last thing has been to accept the challenge of your partner and publish on your Instagram account a very sensual fun dance with a message of self-encouragement.

Because I’m locked up. Because my isolation is soon ending. Because I’m happy about my knee. Because you have to invent. Because you have to laugh. Because you have to be distracted. Because my wife challenged me in the challenge that went viral on Instagram. For this and much more, I have made this video. And the most surprising thing is that my knee limits my steps, but it lets me dance. Did you laugh at me or at me? Goal accomplished, ”said Garay.