Tired eyesight is one of the most common eye disorders among the population, which is why some specialists believe that 95% of people over 50 will suffer from pre-bias, what we know today as tired eyesight.

Forget about eye problems with these natural products

6 natural allies that will reinforce your tired look

Tired eyesight is a disorder associated with the natural aging process of the lens and the ciliary muscle of the eye, which are in charge of focusing on objects, both at a close and far distance. That is why, those who suffer from tired eyesight will present the inability to focus correctly on things that are at a certain distance.

When you feel heavy eyes you will feel a heaviness in the eyes, your vision will become blurred, you will have sensitivity to light, watery eyes and you will even feel headaches. But if these symptoms recur frequently, you should go to the ophthalmologist as soon as possible.

If you want to relax your eyes after a hard day at work, discover here some home remedies for tired eyes.

1.- Chamomile and anti-inflammatory

Chamomile is effective for eye care, it has an anti-inflammatory effect that is used to treat problems such as conjunctivitis, tired eyes and styes. You can use it as an eye drop or eye bath.

Forget about eye problems with these natural products

2.- Relax the eyelids with the Mahón Chamomile

This plant is also known as Santolina, it has phenolic acids derived from benzoic acid, essential oil and flavonoids. It is effective in treating eyelid inflammation or blepharitis, tired eyesight, and eye irritation.

Apply it in the form of an eye drop or eye bath, you will feel a great relief in the eyes.

3.- Blueberries, rich in anthocyanins

Blueberries have anthocyanins that promote capillary microcirculation and help regenerate the vascular layer of the retina. Take them raw or dehydrated alone or with yogurt.

4.- Carrot: Repairing effect

The carrot, due to its high carotene content, generates a powerful repairing effect. The preparation of this remedy is very easy, cut 1 or 2 carrots together with a piece of celery and water, mix in a container and make a thick paste.

Soak a gauze or cotton ball with this paste and apply it on the eyelids and around the eyes.

Forget about eye problems with these natural products

5.- Sliced ​​cucumber. A good rest

The cucumber helps to calm the tiredness of the eyes, for this place a few slices of the cucumber well washed on the eyes and let them act for a few minutes.

6.- Euphrasia against dry eyes

This plant has an anti-inflammatory action, it is very effective in relieving dryness and eye irritation, likewise, it calms the headache that can appear after straining your eyes.

Apply this warm infusion using a clean and different compress on each eye. It is used to remove any impurities that may be in the eyes, apply in an eye bath or as an eye drop.