Extreme security measures against Félix Verdejo after receiving threats in the federal prison of Puerto Rico

Félix Verdejo is in the Federal Metropolitan Detention Center of Guaynabo, a municipality near San Juan.

Photo: RICARDO ARDUENGO / AFP / Getty Images

SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico – The Federal Marshals Service in Puerto Rico reported this Tuesday that it took additional measures to ensure the safety of the Puerto Rican boxer Felix Verdejo after the threats that emerged in recent days for being the main suspect in the death of a woman.

“The Federal Marshals Service of the District of Puerto Rico will take all necessary measures to ensure the safety of the accused Felix Verdejo while he is in federal custody,” the federal agency said in a press release.

“The Federal Marshals Service does not tolerate or support any type of violence against any human being,” he emphasized.

Verdejo main suspect in the murder of Keishla Rodriguez Ortiz

Verdejo is the main suspect in the murder of Keishla Rodríguez Ortiz, 27 years old, with whom she had an extramarital affair and was one month pregnant.

According to the FBI criminal complaint, Verdejo was charged with murder, kidnapping, armed robbery of a vehicle and intentionally killing an unborn child.

In the complaint, it is detailed that last Thursday, Verdejo contacted a person, who appears as the main witness of the authorities, to help him “end the pregnancy” of Rodríguez.

Ghoulish details of the crime

Then, on Saturday Verdejo contacted Rodríguez and they agreed to meet near his residence.

Until there, Verdejo and his witness arrived, whose identity the authorities have not yet revealed.

Rodríguez subsequently arrived at the place in his vehicle where Verdejo had told him to meet.

And while Verdejo and Rodríguez were talking in the boxer’s vehicle, he punched the woman in the face and then injected her with an unknown substance that he bought in a drug-selling area in the Luis Lloréns Torres public residence, according to the report. witness to the authorities.

Later, Verdejo and the witness tied a block to Rodríguez, while the witness took her car.

Finally, Verdejo and his companion moved to the Teodoro Moscoso bridge in San Juan, from where they threw Rodríguez into the San José Lagoon.

But, presumably, the block that had tied Rodríguez loose, so Verdejo fired a shot at her, although at the moment it is unknown if that was the cause of her death or drowning.

Later, Verdejo’s companion left Rodríguez’s vehicle in a lonely spot in a sector in Canóvanas, a municipality in the northeast of Puerto Rico.

Verdejo turned himself in to federal authorities last Sunday.

Threats against Verdejo in social networks

Given all this situation, expressions have circulated on social networks, some considered threats against the life of the fighter, so the agency that has him in custody reinforced the measures in his environment.

Wilmer Ocasio, sheriff of Puerto Rico, explained that the agency provides a “safe and humane treatment” to all prisoners.

Verdejo is in the Federal Metropolitan Detention Center of Guaynabo, a municipality near San Juan, after a judge denied him bail.

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