Extraordinary SEPE subsidy: how to access the benefit pre-application form

The health crisis that COVID-19 has caused has also led to a serious economic crisis, especially for the thousands of Spaniards who have lost their jobs due to the pandemic. But also for those people who were already unemployed, they have exhausted their benefit during the first state of alarm and have not been able to find a new job. Faced with this last situation, the Government created expanded ‘Social Shield’ with a Extraordinary Unemployment Subsidy (SED) from 430 euros per month.

This special help can be requested in three different ways. The most comfortable and safe can be the online way. To do this, we must access the website of the State Public Employment Service (SEPE) and complete the pre-application form for individual benefits, which will have the effects of a provisional application, and will be sent to the managing entity through the same headquarters. To fill in the form, we will first put our DNI, we will point out the procedure we want to carry out and we will click on “Start procedure”. Next, we will fill in the fields with our personal information required (name, surname, address, etc.) and we give “send request” so that the receipt is created. If the SEPE needs any more information, it could contact the applicant.

The subsidy can also be requested from face-to-face way, presenting the form at the benefits office by appointment at the Electronic Office or by phone, and mixed, signing the official application form available on the web and sending it by online or face-to-face registration.

Deadline to apply for the SED

The new Extraordinary Unemployment Subsidy can be requested from last Friday, November 13, and until Monday, November 30. Once the SEPE has accepted the request, it will proceed to pay the benefit as of the day after sending the necessary documentation. This help has a duration of 90 days and it cannot be perceived on more than one occasion.


As explained by the Ministry of Labor and Social Economy, people who have finished collecting the aid due to unemployment during the worst months of the coronavirus pandemic in our country, that is, between March 14 and June 30, 2020. But it will also be a fundamental requirement that the applicant do not have the option of finding a job or applying for other aid economic. Thus, to be able to demand the aid, it will be necessary to be in these situations:

– To be registered as a job seeker.

Not be collecting the tax benefit for unemployment or any of the financial aid offered by the SEPE.

– Do not charge one Minimum Insertion Income, Inclusion Income, Social Salary or some similar aid paid by the Administration.

– If you have worked for employed after the expiration of the last recognized right, having ceased in said job with legal status unemployment.

Not being of age that gives access to collect the contributory or non-contributory pension of retirement (65 years old).