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Extraction was launched exclusively for Netflix on April 24, and the action movie already set a new record for streaming service. Netflix it projected that 90 million households would watch the film during its first four weeks, which would surpass the previous record holder and even far exceed the successful documentary series. Tiger king. This happened in just 1 and a half weeks since it was launched on the streaming platform.

Netflix previously reported that the movie Michael Bay 6 Underground had been seen by 83 million people in its first four weeks, meaning it would lose its throne for Extraction. However, it is unclear how many people saw the film in its entirety.

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Netflix It originally required a title to be viewed 70 percent or more to count for a view, but this has been changed to two minutes or more. It is done to create parity between shorter and longer titles, but it could also make it difficult to measure the actual popularity of a movie.

Hemsworth He is more than grateful to his followers, given the recent figures he has had a great reception from the audience. The interpreter of Thor He decided to thank his followers directly through an emotional video on his official account of Instagram.

In the same video, Chris He mentioned that a sequel or prequel is in high regard, and he would be more than happy to return to work on another production in this story.

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Editorial: Cinema & Series / Facebook / Twitter / Coverage / Instagram / Discord