Extracting water from urban air, a solution for the drinking water shortage?

Trials of a new technology to extract water from the air of a city have yielded surprising results.

The growing shortage of drinking water in many parts of the world requires thinking outside the box and developing new technologies to achieve safe water. Earth’s atmosphere is a vast and renewable source of water, which can be an alternative source of drinking water. Our atmosphere contains billions of tons of water, 98% of which is in the gaseous state, that is, in the form of water vapor.

In a pioneering study in the world, carried out at the University of Tel Aviv, the international team of Offir Inbar has discovered that the water obtained from the air in the heart of an urban area, the city of Tel Aviv, meets all the strict standards for drinking water established by both the State of Israel and the World Health Organization. At least the experiments carried out so far show it.

The researchers thoroughly examined the quality of the water produced from the water vapor present in urban air, which suffers a certain degree of pollution as a result of emissions from factories, vehicles and others, and they verified that it was suitable for consumption human.

The tests were carried out at a facility owned by the Israeli company Watergen, which collaborated on the study.

Offir Inbar. (Photo: Tel Aviv University)

No filtration or treatment system was installed in the device used in the study; the water that was produced was that obtained from the air.

“There was a serious concern that the water produced from the air in the heart of an urban area was not suitable for drinking, and we have shown that this is not the case,” says Inbar. “We are currently expanding our research to other areas of Israel, such as Haifa Bay and agricultural areas, to further investigate the influence of various pollutants on the quality of water drawn from the air.” (Source: NCYT from Amazings)

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