From the time when telephone grants were common, the widespread complaint by the price differences that were offered depending on whether you were a customer or new, and which generally benefited newcomers much more, transpired for several years until the proliferation of OMVs pushed large operators to match offers for all customers.

And that was the way it was for years, although among users there continued to be a certain sense of lack of recognition of their fidelity, and finally operators began to appear who have tried to cover this demand with gifts of extra gigabytes and discounts on invoice for turning years.

Depending on the loyalty between user and operator, two main operator profiles could be established:

The cheapest group of operators, which capture users who are most sensitive to price changes and are therefore the most unfaithful to their operator.


The group of operators with adjusted prices, which also usually have additional advantages and are usually linked to traditional operators through their private labels. Here, users could differentiate between those who especially expect guarantees and good service, which are faithful as long as everything runs smoothly of any kind. And that reinforce their fidelity based on positive details your operator has.

Pepepehone, Amena and Tuenti are the most grateful OMVs

One-off promotions apart, such as Christmas or summer, turning years at a telecommunications operator also begins to be a reason for celebration, so we will review the current initiatives to know the details of your gifts.

Pepephone It has become one of the most generous operators, since it not only lowers the price of its fiber and mobile combination with more gigabytes in 1 euro per month for every year completed and with up to a maximum of 5 euros discount per month. In this way, the fiber at 300 Mbps and mobile with 25 GB accumulative go from 48.95 euros to a minimum of 43.95 euros per month after the fifth birthday.

But in addition Pepehone has another advantage compatible with all its mobile rates that includes a bonus of additional data that will be added the month you turn years with as many extra gigabytes as years in the operator. In this case there is no maximum free gigas, the gigas accumulate, and the gift only applies to the anniversary month.

Amena will also have an extra gigabyte gift in all its mobile rates, but in this case, although he also adds 1 GB free for each year completed, in this case the gift is applied every month from the first anniversary although there is a maximum of 4 GB extra per month.

In the case of Tuenti, the operator was the first to commit to improving the conditions of the rates from the sixth month of permanence in the Movistar OMV. And it does so much on the side of calls, as in the data part, with improvements that vary depending on the contracted rate and the total time elapsed since the line was registered.

Other gifts for being a customer

Beyond birthdays, another common way that traditional operators have to reward user loyalty is through discount programs reached with other brands and that are accessible only because they are customers of the operator, with changing offers in which they also How long we have been as customers of the operator influences.

Included in a program of “advantages for being a customer“Among other things, we can access discounts on insurance, gasoline, travel, hotels, fashion, beauty, restaurants or sports. But each operator has agreements with different brands so to know the details, it is necessary to access the current catalog of these operators:

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