Nexomon: Extinction is now available in Nintendo Switch, which means that trainers everywhere can begin to explore a world in which these creatures have brought humanity to the brink of extinction. Thus, the creators of this game take into account the opinion of the players, which allows them to make changes to guarantee the best possible experience, and now has already been launched the game’s second patch on the Big N hybrid console. Changes and improvements that keep this game moving towards the best!

Nexomon: Extinction already has a second patch on Nintendo Switch

Nexomon Patch 2 Changes and Improvements: Extinction:

You can now change a monster’s nickname from the team menu.
Monsters’ abilities can now be reordered.
Now you can run by pressing the B button.
You can now sort all storage groups at once.
All cores can now be unequipped in one go.
A new type of core is added that copies the% of experience received by other team members, even without having to fight.
A « Skill Mistress » has been added in various locations that allows some skills to be relearned for a small fee.
Some crystals have been added in some areas that allow you to recover energy.
Fixed a bug that allowed the menu to be opened while the player was moving, which could cause it to remain open during combat.
Fixed various dialogues with typos.
Fixed a visual bug that caused the profile counter to reset every 24 hours. This bug did not affect game time.
The way to sort the database both by rarity and by name has been corrected.
Fixed a bug that caused the game to freeze during the ending if the Latin Spanish language was selected.
The animation of various abilities has been fixed.
Fixed a bug that prevented encounters in the desert ruins grass.
Fixed various abilities not working properly.
The textures of various cosmic models have been corrected.
Fixed an area of ​​the enchanted forest that was not accessible. Now it can be reached with the power of the wind.
Fixed various typos in monster descriptions.
The chance to flee in combat has been increased.
Altered states are now removed when a Nexomon falls in combat.
An item has been added that, being in the inventory, allows you to flee from all combat.
A new pickaxe type has been added that allows you to get 1 to 3 crystals at a time.
A goggle type has been added that makes the lens respawn time drop to 10-15 minutes.
A new item has been added that allows you to recover 3% energy for each fight that is won.
A new item has been added that makes it easier to run into Cosmic Nexomon.
The spawn rates of some monsters have been adjusted.
The parts of the story where the 2nd and 3rd phase monsters would start to appear have been adjusted.
Some Synergy Cores have been added to some chests placed at the start of the game.
The spawn rates of Tyrants, Extionts, and Wild Guardians have been greatly increased.
10 new avatars have been added.
You can now see the rarity of a monster in combat.
Now the level of evolution is included in the information in the database.
An evolution can now be canceled by pressing the B button, and a confirmation message will appear.
Tamers can now rest Nexomon during combat by pressing the + button, causing them to regain stamina.
The skill « Psychic Field » has been fixed as it did not inflict the paralyzed state.
Now the initial Nexomon can be cosmic.
Tamers who have already been defeated will not challenge to combat again when they see the player, they will have to be spoken to. An exception to this are the bandits of the Frozen Tundra.
Fixed the position of a Lateria Prison Guard.


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