He August 28, 2020 we can start the vast and vast world of Nexomon: Extinction, an RPG that also comes in physical format to Nintendo Switch with a strong inspiration in what are the games of previous generations of the saga of pocket monsters. Thus, as we are already less than a month from the launch of this title, the companies behind it have now started with their promotion, and for this reason we have received three new trailers in which we are presented with what this world will be like, what its history will be like and, most importantly, how we can relate to the creatures that inhabit it.

Nexomon: Extinction shows us his world and teaches us how to capture creatures

Nexomon: Extinction will bring a whole new world to the Nintendo Switch, and since many players of the Big N hybrid console do not yet know the places that form it and the creatures that populate it, three new trailers have now been shared on YouTube show them to us. The first of them, which you can find a little higher, is mainly a more general video that shows us the different characteristics of the title, but the other two, which you can find below, focus on more specific aspects of the game, such as the capture of creatures and the development of characters.

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Therefore, with these three new videos, we can get a much deeper idea of ​​what we can experience when we get a copy of Nexomon: Extinction at the end of next month. And you, do you see yourself capable of taking each and every one of the creatures that populate this new world or are you one of those who want to live a story in a new world?

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