Express exercise, Maribel Guardia launches tremendous confession and poses

Express exercise, Maribel Guardia launches tremendous confession and poses | INSTAGRAM

It is well known that at beautiful Costa Rican Maribel Guardia is passionate about exercise and even if she has had a busy or difficult day, she does not miss the opportunity to go to her gym and perform her intense routines with which she maintains that great body and always looks young and healthy.

Last night, he spent a few minutes sharing from his personal profile on Instagram a beautiful snapshot of herself, where, although she looks beautiful as always, we can notice her fatigue, from having been working all day, as is her custom.

However, this was no reason for him to lose his charisma and charm, so, even in this way she dedicated a few minutes to tell us what had just happened, while posing as only she knows how to do it by showing off a tremendous body, the result of her training.

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“I only did 7 minutes of exercise, it took longer to take the photo, (p1nche vanity ) my husband tells me that the important thing is to do something, even if you are very tired,” wrote the beautiful actress at the bottom of her publication, creating in this way that her loyal followers interact with her, and closing with the question if they also like exercise as much as she does.

There is no doubt that Maribel is an example to follow, as she has always proven to be a hard-working woman and faithful to her ideals, for this reason she knows how to do everything, as she is a singer, actress, dancer, driver, mother, grandmother and even so you have time to do even a little routine to keep fit.

Proving in this way that when you really want to achieve something, there are no excuses or impediments that are worth, that is why the talented woman is recognized throughout Latin America as one of the favorites, coupled with the fact that she is very beautiful on the inside. and on the outside and has the charisma of an angel.

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This is how we confirm that the secret of the spectacular Guardia body is more than anything else thanks to its perseverance and effort, to achieve a fitness body and be super healthy also in the way of eating.

Her publication has managed to collect more than 64 thousand likes so far, and of course a large number of comments complimenting the incredible beauty of the Costa Rican, and thanking her for brightening her days and making them more enjoyable.