Exposed !, Raúl Araiza spies on the companion of La Desalmada

Exposed !, Raúl Araiza spies on the companion of La Desalmada | Instagram

Definitely in The soulless there is everything … even a spy! and that is Raúl Araiza. The beloved host of the Hoy Program was discovered recording one of his co-stars in the famous soap opera.

Apparently, Raúl Araiza Herrera and his partner Vero Marbled were enjoying the little time they have free to do what they prefer, the problem is that the handsome actor decided to spy on his partner.

The Negrito She was the most fun recording her friend and partner while she did some stretching, apparently yoga, very concentrated; However, her deconcentration came when she realized that Galilea’s partner Montijo and Andrea Legarreta not only spied on her but was also recording everything.

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Raul Araiza of the funniest, shared the images in his Instagram stories and compared the talented Vero with a heron. Like a professional, Araiza began to describe the movements of her famous friend.

For his part, Raúl was enjoying the pool reclining on a bunk and entertaining the view. Armando Araiza’s brother has been characterized as a fun spy behind the scenes of La Desalmada.

El Negro Araiza is frequently sharing recordings of what happens on the locations of the now famous soap opera starring Livia Brito and José Ron.

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The television presenter worried many a few days ago by sharing that he discovered a scorpion in his room and in case it were worse, the animal was on his way to the toilet and he really wanted to visit it.

Before Raúl Araiza’s fright, Internet users shared that the presence of these animals was normal for some of them at home and that they only took great care of themselves.

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The inclement weather has also been part of La Desalmada, the actor shared that in the middle of the day a fairly thick hail was present, then the rain led him to rush to shelter by sharing an umbrella in a romantic way with another man.

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Araiza is a key character in the story of La Desalmada, but definitely, what took Raúl Araiza by surprise is that he will have a lover, a beautiful young former beauty queen who will surely steal the sighs of Negrito and the viewers.

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