The value of Mexican merchandise exports reached 23 thousand 385 million dollars (MDD) in April 2020, a figure 40.9% lower than that reported in the same period of the previous year, the strongest annual decline since 1986, when 42% plummeted, according to figures from the National Institute of Statistics and Geography (Inegi).

The annual contraction in the fourth month of the year it was the result of -39.4% drops in non-oil exports and -66.4% in oil exports. Regarding non-oil sales, those directed to the United States fell at an annual rate of -40.7% and those channeled to the rest of the world did so at -33.4%.

For its part, the value of merchandise imports in April this year was 26,472 million dollars, an amount that implied an annual decrease of -30.5%; This figure was a reflection of declines of -27.6% in non-oil imports and -53% in oil imports.

When considering imports by type of good, annual variations of -46.5% were observed in imports of consumer goods, -28.1% in those of intermediate-use goods and -26.7% in those of capital goods.

Timely foreign trade information from April 2020 indicates that a trade deficit of $ 3.087 billion was recorded, the strongest deficit since January 2019. However, in the first four months of the year, the trade balance presented a surplus of 635 million dollars.