Explore including a “dislike” button on your platform

Even when new competitors arrive on the market and despite the fact that their growth figures are slow if they were bought with other social networks, Twitter remains a benchmark in the social media world.

The figures provided by Twitter earlier this year make clear the position that it still plays within the communication environment.

The social network led by Jack Dorsey in his financial report for the first quarter presented a few weeks ago, indicated that it maintains a sustained rate of user growth.

In this sense, monetizable daily active users (mDAU) grew 24 percent since December, going from 152 to 166 million.

This behavior contributed to her earning income from $ 808 millionAlthough it was below what was registered in the last quarter of 2019, when they amounted to 1,010 million, it is rescued that it maintained a growth of 3 percent compared to the first quarter of 2019 (786.9 million).

Added to this, stands out the fact that, of their income, some 221.1 million were for sales and marketing, exceeding what was registered in the fourth quarter of 2019, when they reported 205.7 million. Regarding its advertising revenues, these amounted to 682 million, a growth of 3 million compared to the previous year.

The truth is that in the following two quarters, performance did not maintain the same pace, which was an alert for the platform.

In the same way that happens with its competitors, Twitter has found in the updates of its service a way to improve the relationship both with its users and with its advertisers, an aspect that naturally improves its usage rates and its advertising income.

In recent months, the social network confirmed the arrival of audio tweets at its service, which are currently only available to iOS users.

Accessing this new feature is easy. Simply open the publication window and locate at the bottom (from where the multimedia material is added) a new purple icon that simulates the sound frequency.

In the same vein, this week a similar content format was released for Instagram stories that self-destruct in just 24 hours.

Aura has become known that Twitter is exploring the possibility of including one of the functions that thousands of users have demanded for years: a “I don’t like” button.

At least that’s how it was seen in the response to a tweet signed by Twitter’s product leader, Kayvon Beykpour, who revealed that the company is “exploring” the possibility of adding a “dislike” button on its platform, although not it is an urgent priority at this time.

It is important to mention that, previously, Twitter has already experimented with the idea of ​​a “dislike” button, although not in the same way that its “like” button works.

The company had made it possible for a limited time for users to flag tweets they didn’t like, but it was impossible for other users to see a count of dislikes a tweet had received. It’s unclear if Twitter is exploring alternatives beyond this, but what is now known is that there is a possibility.