explaining the commercial of episode 7

The seventh episode of the series brought more answers than questions, but here we show you the explanation of the commercial we saw this week.

WandaVision Episode 7 was full of strong revelations, but he also had a very interesting commercial that lets us see everything that will literally come in Marve’s cinematic universel.

Spoilers to follow

The commercial shows us an « antidepressant » called Nexus, which seems to even make you feel more depressed as one of its side effects. In fact, It is this commercial that finally gives us the answer to what is happening with Pietro, believe it or not.

We know that it is Agnes, or rather, Agatha Harkness, who is behind all this, even behind the show that is seen in the outside world. That to say she could also be in charge of the commercials.

This one in particular tells us about something extremely important to the Marvel universe: the Nexus of all realities.

The commercial says that the antidepressant can return you to your reality, or to the reality of your choice and that is precisely a reference to the Nexus of all Marvel reality.

It is here that we have seen extremely important stories unfold, for example, it is through the Nexus that Deadpool began killing all other versions of himself in a desperate attempt to cease to exist, But more importantly, it is through the Nexus that Marvel and DC Comics came together..

The possibilities are literally endless

This place is basically the bridge that connects all the different versions of Marvel, connecting the official universe to the Ultimate and basically everything. In other words, this Nexus connects the Marvel Cinematic Universe with the Fox Universe of the X-Men. It can connect you to the Fox Fantastic Four universe too and, if anything, it connects all the Spider-Man movies with all of the aforementioned.

Not only is this a precedent to the Dr. Strange madness multiverse coming soon, It also opens the doors to connect it with the comics, with the animation of Miles Morales and even with the DC Comics movies. I’m seriously.

That is, Agatha may not have revived Pietro, but she could have brought another Pietro from another dimension through Nexus of all realities and timelines. It can even be an alternate Pietro of a dimension very similar to that of the Fox films, since the Nexus also gives access to the realities within other realities.