Experts explain why you shouldn’t drink alcohol before or after the vaccine

There is growing scientific evidence that alcohol consumption affects the functioning of the immune systemHence, various immunology experts recommend those who have received or are going to receive the coronavirus vaccine to refrain from drinking alcoholic beverages.

This is how the doctor put it Ronx Ikharia, an emergency medicine specialist, in a BBC documentary The Truth About Boosting Your Immune System. The researcher carried out an experiment with herself to see how alcohol reduced immunity. To do this, a blood sample was taken before and after drinking three glasses of prosecco wine.

After analyzing both blood samples, Ikharia discovered that the amount of alcohol he had consumed was enough to halve white lymphocyte levels in the blood, essential cells to fight against viruses that enter the body. “The evidence is clear: drink too much alcohol and your immune system will suffer,” he says in the documentary.

Of the same opinion is Sheena Cruickshank, professor and immunologist at the University of Manchester: “For there to be a good response to the vaccine you need your immune system to work at its best, so if you drink the night before or shortly after, that it won’t help“, he points out in this documentary and includes an article in the British edition of HuffPost.

Russian expert Anna Popova, one of the most respected health authorities in that country, made headlines last December when she suggested that people should refrain from drinking alcohol. at least two weeks before after receiving the first dose of the vaccine, and that they should continue like this for another 42 days. Alexander Gintsburg, creator of the Sputnik vaccine, later qualified these words by reducing to three days before and after receiving the two doses.

“Considering that alcohol weakens the immune response, the safest option is do not drink any alcoholic beverages the days before and after to the vaccine, although we need more research to know exactly how long we are talking about, “Dr. Tony Rao, an alcohol and dementia expert at King’s College London, told HuffPost.

The doctor in Immunology has also spoken about the adverse effects of alcohol on the immune system Jenna Macciochi in his book Immunity: The Science Of Staying Well.

According to Macciochi, “people who drink too much alcohol tend to suffer from more infectious diseasesThey take longer to recover and suffer more complications after any surgery. “

Likewise, “excessive alcohol intake can also affect the organs that regulate immunity, such as the liver, which produces antibacterial proteins or the bone marrow, which produce new immune cells “, he points out.