July is the highest season for these attacks, according to studies and reports, but this year is expected to be different.

Azteca News –

During this Friday, experts belonging to the Archive of Attacks of Sharks (ISAF) stated that the attacks shark have reduced worldwide during the pandemic of Covid-19.

This organization, belonging to the International University of Florida, mentioned that this reduction in attacks It is due to the closure of beaches and the quarantine that has lasted in different cities of the world.

In their report they mentioned that, so far this year, the attacks of shark have been 18 worldwide, and made a comparison with the previous year and the previous year, as they recorded 24 and 28 attacks, accordingly.

Likewise, they specified that July is a high season in relation to attacks shark, as there are more vacationers on the beaches. To this, they pointed out that of the 18 attacks, 7 occurred in United States.

Florida it registered two, as did Hawaii, while Delaware, North Carolina and California have registered one at each location.

« The fact that there are only two bites in Florida at this point of the year it is a sign that some other factor is at stake. Covid-19 is the obvious answer, although it could be something else. « 

Thus, experts relate social confinement to Covid-19 with the attacks shark in these cities and around the world.