Expert Opinion – After the Elections

By Lucy Meza *

A couple of weeks have passed since one of the most important electoral processes of recent times took place, in which there was a historic turnout for midterm elections and a political reconfiguration was carried out throughout. of the country, which includes the Legislative Branch.

In this sense, based on the results of the past intermediate process, different calculations have been made to project what will be the role to be adopted by the majority parliamentary group in both houses, that of Morena. It is pointed out that dialogue and the construction of agreements should be protagonists in our actions, due to the distribution of seats and seats. This projection is correct, but its justification is wrong. I explain.

Parliamentary activity has the virtue of bringing together different opinions, knowledge, contexts and perspectives so that — based on dialogue and respectful debate — consensus can be reached, bridges built and synchronized towards a common goal. In the particular case of the Congress of the Union, the main objective is found in the prosperous development of the nation and the well-being of its people, starting from the updating of our normative framework and the functions corresponding to both Houses.

In other words, regardless of the number of seats occupied by Morena, high-level dialogue and the construction of agreements are natural activities of Congress, which have been widely practiced by those of us who are members of Morena’s parliamentary groups. Be that as it may, the number of spaces we occupy, we will continue with a respectful, responsible and democratic legislative action.

There are still important legislative products to be addressed – some of them already announced by our president, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, and others that will be presented throughout the ordinary period that is about to begin— which must be addressed with legislative responsibility and in-depth analysis, in order to determine those proposals that are beneficial to Mexico and its people, as well as the that are not in accordance with the best interests of the nation.

Again, consensus building and clarity around the highest good of the nation will be essential to move forward with the relevant legislative products. It is important to share perspectives, be empathetic and not take our eyes off our people, so that, based on legislative work at the height of the times, we generate the necessary conditions to achieve prosperity, peace and progress in our nation. It will be necessary to work together, as a Legislative Branch, to move Mexico forward. The people deserve it.

* Senator for Morelos

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