Expedia Launches Its COVID-19 Travel Advisor

The tourism sector is passing a singularly negative long season. Services like Expedia have seen their main revenue area (if not the only one), tourism, over the last year being hit fatally as a result of COVID-19. The tourism sector, throughout the world, has reported multimillion-dollar losses throughout 2020 and, although 2021 begins to show some signs of recovery, there is still a long time to go until we recover that normality in which the only thing that determined when and where to travel was the availability of time and budget.

As I said, however, little by little the activities are resumed, and with vaccine production at full capacity, it is not overly optimistic to expect that, in a few months, we will be able to travel to more destinations and in more relaxed conditions. COVID passports, such as that of the European Union or that of the IATA airline organization, intend to accelerate this process, and the sector awaits the arrival of this slow recovery as May water.

The problem is that today, although it is becoming possible to travel from some places to others, the differences between different territories they translate into a little chaos when planning a trip. And it is precisely because of this problem that Expedia has launched an interesting service, called COVID-19 Travel Advisor, with which it is possible check the limitations of the different territories, in order to determine if it is possible to make a trip and, if so, under what conditions.

The operation of this Expedia tool is very simple. You just have to access the tool, specify the origin and destination locations, adjust the expected date to travel, and the COVID-19 travel advisor will show a fairly complete list of limitations and conditions for this trip. In addition, you will also find useful information for arrival in the country and, a very interesting aspect, if you will have to face any limitation when you return to the country of origin. In addition, the Expedia advisor allows you to “subscribe” to the result of a query, to receive updates on the same if they occur.

It’s still too early to start planning summer trips and, surely, leisure tourism is the one that later to recover from the current circumstances. However, both in the first blows of this, and in professional trips, having all the information available is key so as not to get unpleasant surprises when we arrive at the airport, either the origin or destination. And in this sense, the advisor put into operation by Expedia seems to me to be a very successful idea.