Expand your Wi-Fi network effortlessly

The FRITZ! Repeater 2400 is one of the most interesting repeaters that we can currently find in the catalog of the German manufacturer AVM, both for performance and benefits, and also for its adjusted price.

When choosing a Wi-Fi repeater there are many things that we must take into account. We have already talked about the dilemma of choosing between PLC and repeater, but in this case I mean the price and the performance and the benefits that we are going to need. If we opt for a low-cost repeater, obviously the performance and the level of features will be quite limited, and it may not meet our needs satisfactorily.

On the other hand, neither is it good to invest a ridiculously high amount of money in a repeater that offers features, or performance, that we really won’t be able to take advantage of. In this sense, the FRITZ! Repeater 2400 from AVM positions itself as a very attractive option because of its good price-cost balance, and also because of the excellent support it receives from AVM at the firmware level, thanks to its compatibility with the operating system. FRITZ! OS.

AVM FRITZ! Repeater 2400 at a glance: Why is this an option to consider?

The first thing that stands out is its design, with minimalist and sober touches. This AVM repeater fits seamlessly into any environment, and also has a very simple and easy-to-interpret interface. On the front it includes a Wi-Fi signal strength indicator, which will help us to find the optimal placement point, the one where, even though it is far away, it continues to receive the signal from the router intensely. It may seem unimportant, but those of you who have installed a repeater that lacks this function already know that it is precisely the opposite.

When it comes to performance, the FRITZ! Repeater 2400 from AVM is a dual band model compatible with Wi-Fi 5 reaching 1,733 Mbps on the 5 GHz band, and Wi-Fi 4 at 600 Mbps on the 2.4 GHz band. This makes it an ideal solution for both our newest and older devices to realize their full potential, and without compatibility or stability problems. In this regard, it should be noted that the FRITZ! Repeater 2400 from AVM is compatible with the technology Wi-Fi Mesh, and has “Crossband Repeating”, a function that is responsible for choosing the best band available for each device, automatically.

The FRITZ! Repeater 2400 from AVM not only offers high performance, but it is also compatible with the most advanced standards and has functions that will make your life easier, and that will allow you always enjoy the best possible connection without you having to worry about anything. This model also has automatic transfer of the encryption of the FRITZ! Box wireless network, allows us to connect via WPS, is compatible with all AVM FRITZ! App applications, has a Gigabit LAN port and has a 5-year warranty. A very solid value for what it costs, 79.99 euros.

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