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Before the imminent departure from the club Monarchs Morelia of the state of Michoacán to Sinaloa, the entity would not only lose a professional soccer team, it could also have irreversible economic and social damages.

In accordance with Heliodoro Gil Corona, coordinator of Strategic Projects of the College of Economists of Michoacán (CEEM), this movement would mean for the state stop receiving about 4, 500 million pesos annually.

But also, there would be a decrease of around nine thousand formal and informal jobs. Only in the facilities would security personnel, vehicle ushers and merchants stop working:

Obviously it would be very unfortunate for Michoacán, not only in sports terms but also in the tourist part, the team has helped promote the image of Michoacán, many people who come on weekends or every 15 days to the corresponding event take advantage of their stay to get to know Morelia

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In this sense, the impact will not only be for the soccer hobby, in the same way it will negatively affect transportation and business, such as: hotels, restaurants, canteens and nightclubs, among others.

Linked to this, the field of transport is linked, both outside transfers such as Apatzingán, Uruapan, etc. But also urban transport, which generates significant economic benefits, there are also hotels and restaurants, the other is undoubtedly related to commercial activity, there are small businesses that depend on sporting events, both outside and inside the stadium.

To this is added the loss almost completely in the brand value which, according to Forbes México, is priced above the 42 million euros, including human capital and infrastructure, especially the World Cup stadium “José María Morelos”, With capacity for more than 35 thousand fans.

Although for Gil Corona perhaps the greatest impact will be in the long term and would occur in the social field, considering that Michoacán is one of the most violent states in the country.

Many young people based on this sporting activity have based their aspirational family improvement projects, yearning to earn a good income, have economic comforts, have luxury goods and even be an attractive and reference point in local society. Well, all these expectations of life projects for the many young people from Michoacán were canceled

Morelia fans protest in Morelia (Mexico). Following the rumors of the Morelia move, dozens of fans protested that the team does not change its base (Photo: EFE / Ivan Villanueva)
Morelia fans protest in Morelia (Mexico). Following the rumors of the Morelia move, dozens of fans protested that the team does not change its base (Photo: . / Ivan Villanueva)

In this regard, the former Chilean striker and one of the best players in the history of Monarcas, Marco Antonio “The Ghost” Figueroa, together with three other former soccer players will present a new franchise project the government of Michoacán so that professional soccer remains in the entity.

However, he clarified in an interview for the newspaper Milenio that the intention is that is not another club of businessmen outside the city, but that it be managed by people who know the identity of the Michoacán hobby.

Let there be a reflection from the government, not because we want to give people a joy, we make the mistake that was made now, give the team to people who did not want the city or the fans (…) have soccer, I can assure you that

When questioned about what support they would have and above all, if they targeted the Liga MX or if there would be the possibility of entering the Mexican Football League, the Ghost made it clear that would like that team to rub shoulders with the greats in a League endorsed by FIFA, but does not rule out any option.


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