Executive suggests Xbox studio exclusives could go up in price

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The new generation of consoles has already started and did so along with several changes. Of those that has attracted the most attention is the price increase of several games, which raised the limit from $ 59 USD to $ 69 USD. One of the development and distribution companies, Xbox Game Studios, has not spoken of a possible price increase for their productions, but one of the directors suggested that they may adopt this change.

At the Jefferies Interactive Entertainment Conference, transcribed by Seeking Alpha (via Wccftech), Xbox CFO Tim Stuart touched on the subject of price increases on the console generation that just started, a practice that looks set to be the case. new standard in the industry and it has generated some debate about the value of the gaming experience.

Interestingly, as Xbox Game Studios has yet to release an exclusive production focused on this generation, the company continues to offer its titles in the old price range, $ 59 USD. However, the manager hinted that Microsoft could apply a price increase taking into account changes in development costs, but indicated that it is not yet the time to make “specific announcements of prices of [juegos] first-party ”, but will do so in due time.

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Xbox Game Studios could increase the price of its exclusive games

However, Stuart did not miss the opportunity about this situation in the industry and even justified this movement that several companies are making. According to the executive, there has not been a price increase in years, unlike how production costs have risen generation after generation and he mentioned that for the model to be sustained it is necessary to receive a good profit margin.

“Prices haven’t gone up in what, a couple of generations, so it’s no wonder things like this are happening now (…) content creation costs went up. And these distributors and content creators, including us, want to make sure they manage the right gross margin profiles, the right profit profiles of what it takes to build these amazing new games. And you want to make sure you have good earnings to support that, “he said.

As you can see, Stuart does not confirm that Microsoft will apply a price increase to internally developed games, but he justifies the movement that companies such as Take-Two or Sony Interactive Entertainment are making, and the same could apply to Xbox Series X | S, taking into account Note that these systems have many advantages offered by the new generation of consoles and the titles also take more time and resources to create, but in the end it will be the player who decides if the gaming experience is worth its price, according to Phil Spencer , the Xbox boss.

What do you think of the Microsoft executive’s statements? Do you think the company will increase the prices of exclusive Xbox Series X | S games? Tell us in the comments.

Interestingly, Aaron Greenberg, Xbox Marketing Member, had mentioned that the pricing of games is based on a player approach and recalled that the company offers Xbox Game Pass, a service that makes available to players titles with a subscription, something that makes you think about the value of the gaming experience compared to the price for which it is sold.

The Xbox Series X | S debuted on November 10 worldwide. You can find more news related to him if you visit this page.

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