If you suffer from excessive sweating these simple tricks will surely help you minimize your problem. Do not stop trying them!

March 28, 20202: 13 AM

If you tend to put on makeup on a daily basis, the sweat on your face is sure to be a headache, especially in the summer when the problem gets worse. Ideally, you should avoid creamy products on your skin and apply loose powders, as these will help to absorb a little moisture.

Say goodbye to excessive sweating of the face

Homemade wipes will be your allies for this annoying and uncomfortable problem, always try to carry a package of dry wipes in your bag.

You can also try wrapping an ice cube with muslin, clean your skin about three times a day, with your soap and personal scrub and then do this ice technique. The cold of the ice will close your pores, which will prevent sweating. Another thing you could do is wash your face with cold water.

Say goodbye to excessive sweating of the face

If you have tried all the above methods then you can’t stop trying to stop sweating with cucumber. Extract the juice from the cucumber and let it cool for a few hours in the fridge. When it’s cold you can use cotton balls and run all the cucumber juice over your face, remember to clean your face before this. You can do this three times a day, you must let it rest until it dries completely.

What are you waiting for? Try them now and control excessive sweating!