Excessive consumption of eggs can lead to diabetes

According to a study from three universities, excessive consumption of eggs can increase the risk of diabetes.

Although the benefit of eating eggs has always been weighed, consuming them in excess can be risky. A study of three universities indicates that it would cause diabetes.

The South Australian, Chinese Medical and Qatar Universities analyzed results spanning 1991 to 2009. The focus was on a sample of Chinese adults.

According to the results, people who ate one or more eggs a day increased their risk of diabetes by 60%.

The amount is equivalent to 60 grams.

Diabetes: Women suffered more from the effects than men

The effect was greater in women than in men, according to one of the researchers, Dr. Ming Li, cited by EurekAlert.

« This excess contributes to type two diabetes, » Li said. « This is why it is necessary to understand the range of dietary factors that could contribute to the increasing prevalence of the disease. »

The world average of people with diabetes is 8.5%, according to doctors. In China, the source of the research subjects, the average is 11%.

« Beating diabetes requires a multifaceted approach that encompasses not only research, but also a clear set of guidelines, » Li said. “This helps inform and guide the public. This study is a step towards that long-term goal. « 

The research was published this year in the British Journal of Nutrition, by Drs Li, Wang and Zumin.