The new rectification of the Government on tourism has been welcomed with good words by Exceltur, the employers of the sector. The vice president, José Luis Zoreda, thanked the “very powerful welcome message” to foreign tourism after the Slap that was the announcement a few days ago of the imposition of a quarantine of 14 days.

Speaking to Efe after the Pedro Sánchez press conference, the leader applauded the “very positive signal” given by the president for the sector, by encouraging now the arrival of foreign tourists in early July.

Zoreda has highlighted not only the intention to open the borders as soon as possible, but also Sánchez’s way of staging it. Zoreda has admitted that these tourists could be “disappointed” after the advance announcement that they would have to be quarantined if they visited Spain. That supposed a “slap” in tourism who is now compensated with this welcome for July, Zoreda said.


Zoreda was also grateful that Sánchez has stimulated the demand for domestic tourism, urging Spaniards to appreciate “the wonders” for knowing in Spain.

The representative of the business association Exceltur has indicated that Sánchez’s words have deepened the support already shown towards the sector by the Minister of Transport, Mobility and the Urban Agenda, José Luis Ábalos, when he clarified the sanitary safety procedures for flights, without the requirement of empty rows of seats on the planes.

For Zoreda, “the ideal” would be for the Schengen area to be recovered as soon as possible, but, failing that, he warned that Spain has to reach bilateral agreements shortly so that foreign tourists can arrive this summer, “at least with the main source markets: UK, France, Germany, Benelux and Scandinavia. “

In this sense, he has indicated that the Balearic Islands and the Canary Islands already have advanced talks with some länder (German federal states) to create aerial “corridors” of health security, something that must be generalized in the next five weeks for the arrival of tourists to materialize. at the beginning of July.

Exceltur had quantified the losses for the tourism sector in Spain in 92,000 million euros this year, because he almost gave up on the summer season.

Zoreda believes that Sánchez’s announcement that July could already be operational for foreign demand is “a breath of fresh air” that changes that horizon. He recalled that in July last year foreign tourism left 20,000 million euros in Spain, and another 20,000 million in August.