EXATLON: Would they have stopped a victory for Emmanuel Jaquez?

Telemundo Emmanuel Jaquez, 21, belonged to a little league team in his native Dominican Republic and continues to practice his favorite sport where he now resides in New York.

Follow the scandal in Exatlon United States. The competition program of the Telemundo network has been involved in all kinds of controversies for just days, when the information of the expulsion of two athletes was leaked for allegedly having had cell phones and also illegal substances. As of today there has been no official confirmation by Telemundo, but, in NowMismo we were able to know exclusively that it is “La Pantera” Denisse Novoa, and “El Tanque” Frank Beltre, one of the Contendiente team, and one of the Famous team, respectively.

The official silence remains

On the part of Telemundo, the official house of Exatlon United States, they have remained in total secrecy, as have the alleged athletes involved Denisse Novoa and Frank Beltre, who beyond a message that lasted only minutes on Frank’s Instagram account , have not issued a word about the events in which they would be involved.

On April 6, we were able to learn through different portals for fans that next Sunday, April 11, the day of struggle for permanence, it will be revealed that Novoa and Beltre will not continue in the competition.

Serious allegations come to the fore

But the expulsion and alleged illicit substances and cell phones has not been the only thing that has monopolized different news media headlines, other strong allegations that include alleged harassment by members of the production and even “arranged triumphs” have been part of the controversy that has clouded the successful competition program.

All these serious statements would have been made by the Argentine presenter Javier Ceriani, who along with his partner Elisa Beristain on the digital web show Chisme No Like, have dedicated themselves in recent days to talking about what, according to them, is happening behind cameras in the sands of the Dominican Republic.

Would they have stopped an eventual win for Emmanuel Jaquez in season 4?

Among the serious accusations that Javier Ceriani would have revealed in his digital program Chisme No Like, he assured that in the fourth season of Exatlon United States, the production would have been determined to give Nate Burkhalter the victory, so much so that the play that eliminated him Dominican baseball player Emmanuel Jaquez, would have been previously rehearsed to ensure that the reinforcement of Team Contendientes, was eliminated. Don’t miss the video here:

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At minute 13:04 of the video is when they begin to touch this delicate subject. Here Javier Ceriani assures that it would have been the producer of Exatlon United States who would have directly collaborated to ensure the defeat of the Dominican player. “They set a huge score trap for him to lose, because they wanted the other one to win.” Ceriani said.

In the fourth season, Emmanuel Jaquez arrived at Exatlon Estados as a Reinforcement of the Contendientes team, and he remained until the grand final due to his speed, strength and skill with marksmanship. Not to mention a good energy and remarkable camaraderie with the rest of his teammates that almost led him to win the previous edition of the competition.

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