EXATLON: What will the dismissal of expelled athletes be like?

Telemundo Denisse Novoa returns for the rematch to Exatlon USA.

Much has been said about Exatlon USA in recent days. Since the news leaked about two athletes who were expelled from the competition for having committed a serious offense that translates into breach of contract, there are many information that have been coming out, but perhaps the most controversial is the dismissal of these two athletes , something that had never happened in five seasons of the competition show.

Two athletes leave the competition

Many portals for fans, and now exclusively, we were able to confirm that Denisse Novoa, the well-known “Pantera” of Team Contendientes, and Frank Beltre, the “Tank” of Team Famosos are the athletes who in real time would already be out of the game. competition for this alleged breach of contract.

The fault would have been that some illegal substances and cell phones were found among their belongings, something that is strictly prohibited in Exatlon United States, so the production of the program had to take measures as soon as possible and expel them, which has generated all kinds of mixed reactions.

What will the dismissal of expelled athletes be like?

The information has been confirmed by dropper. Initially, it was not known when the exact date would be when the expulsion of Denisse Novoa and Frank Beltre would happen, then, according to the recording times and the episodes that we see on screen, it would make sense for it to happen next Sunday of elimination, which will be a special one where there are no eliminated but on the contrary, the athletes will fight for two SUVs.

This was eventually confirmed but… What will the dismissal of expelled athletes be like? Much has been said, that at the beginning of the day, Frederik Oldenburg would be in charge of breaking the news, perhaps at the end of the same day, but now there is another very different version that would also ignite the controversy.

Several portals for fans now assure that next Sunday, April 11, in the special day of fighting for cars, it will be the moment when the controversial expulsion of Denisse Novoa and Frank Beltre from the fifth season of Exatlon United States takes place.

But not as everyone would expect and even as both athletes deserve, very much in the style of Shayra Medal in the fourth season, when after the break due to COVID-19 the girl did not return with Team Contendientes and no one commented on her, so they assure that it will be the farewell of Denisse and Frank. They will no longer be from next April 11, do not miss this video that provides more information:

EXATLON ERASES THEM AND DEMANDS Exatlon USA # 5 United States # exatlon Summary of Chapter 5 of Exatlon USA # 5. Exatlón United States – Exatlón USA # 5 Exatlón is a high performance sports competition where participants test their strength, intelligence and courage to become the overall winner. MONDAY TO FRIDAY 7 / 6C ELIMINATION SUNDAYS by TELEMUNDO Famous: Mack Roach Frank Beltre… 2021-04-08T02: 22: 49Z

As expected, the opinions of the competition fans have not been long in coming, in general the consensus is in support of Denisse Novoa and Frank Beltre, strongly disagreeing with them leaving the competition so abruptly, without even informing the audience of what would actually be happening.

“I always say it and I will continue to say it, like the first season none, and if they cannot tell the viewer that they are still exatlon it is disrespect because they cannot take them out without saying because if it is such strict rules as they say then say because they failed. Thank God Erasmo is not here anymore, he saw things that were happening, well, that he is not, hopefully this is the last program of all seasons. ” Assure a user of this YouTube channel.

Either way, we will wait for next Sunday, April 11, to witness what Denisse and Frank’s last day will be like.

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