EXATLON USA: The pregnancy of Diana Avilés and Chuy Almada

Telemundo Chuy Almada is a Mexican coach, motivator and contender and one of the favorites from the first season. In addition to breaking records in the competition.

After five uninterrupted seasons, the Telemundo competition program, Exatlon United States, is already creating its “athletes of the future”, because as each of the competitors of the different installments begins to make family, little by little it goes away. creating a new “Exatlon generation” with the children of these warriors, who will soon be watching videos of their parents triumphing in the sands of the Dominican Republic, as part of the fiercest competition on the planet.

The “Exatlon Babies”

Let’s start with the dear “Lord of the Rings” Tommy Ramos. Who in the middle of the fourth season of the competition program, where he was competing again as one of the participants chosen by the public, had to be absent for several days to witness the arrival of his smallest princess, who is named Kamila Victoria and is the younger sister of the charming Valeria Victoria, who constantly delights all of Tommy’s followers with her occurrences on social networks.

Also the participant of Team Contendientes, who returned in the famous “Tournament of Seasons” that happened in the fourth edition, while the participants were recovering from COVID-19, was Andoni García, who when having her baby left for the Dominican Republic with the intention to once again conquer your dreams within the competition.

Fernando Lozada, from Team Famosos in the previous season, also recently became the father of a beautiful little boy named Leandro, whom he had with his wife Triana Lion. Lozada constantly shares all his new dad adventures with his millions of followers on social media.

In the train of small “Exatloneros”, he is joined by Ezra, the little one from the original “Tarzan” Jacobo García, and his fiancee Dayleen Santana, who at any moment will give us the surprise that they have already received the little champion.

How is the pregnancy of Diana Avilés and Chuy Almada going?

Added to all this paternity experience is “El Toro” from Team Contendientes. It is about Chuy Almada, participant of the first season where the now sports commentator Chelly Cantú was crowned the winner, who recently shared the good news that together with his wife, Diana Avilés, he will become the father of what he calls himself, “Un Torito”, as they recently shared that it will be a male.

“… We feel very happy and blessed with this news… we will have a bull, one more Chuyito Almada in the family. WOW! I’m going to be dad !! I swear that I will give everything to be the best father in the world .. I will put everything of my own! Incredible that something so small and without knowing you fills our SOUL so much 💙😍 “

Although Chuy and Diana have taken things very calmly since they are expecting a baby, they have not stopped doing the activities they enjoy the most, such as going to the Mexican coast to take a break and enjoy with the family. On their latest getaway, the couple took the opportunity to take a photo in the sun where you can see the growing – and adorable – belly of the girl.

Congratulations to all!

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