EXATLON: Followers unhappy with Andoni García

Telemundo Andoni García was part of Team Contendientes in the 2nd season of Exatlon USA

In the fifth season of Exatlon United States we are already on the way to the grand final, where a man and a woman will be crowned as winners of the difficult obstacle competition, but since we have not been far from controversy, disagreement between the followers of the sports reality show, who as well as sometimes applaud the athletes, are also in charge of claiming and making it very clear on social networks when they do not agree with what is happening within the so-called “fiercest competition on the planet”.

Andoni García: Controversial Return

Since his return to the fifth season of Exatlon United States as a reinforcement along with three other athletes, Andoni García quickly placed in the first places in terms of scoring, obtaining a series of important triumphs for his team and, together with Wilmarie Negrón, the girl who came with him to the blue team, revitalize the Contestants.

But an injury forced him to take a break until June 10, when he returned to the sands of the Dominican Republic already recovered, and ready to go to the grand final. Although his return was full of controversy, because on social networks they have not stopped commenting on Andoni García and that “they would be resting him until the last circuit of the competition.”

The truth is that Andoni came in first place in scoring and ranking as the leader of men with more than 70% performance, unleashing all kinds of comments about other participants who have been there since the beginning, some defend Kelvin Noeh Renteria , and others to Jeyvier Cintrón, assuring that they have been since the beginning of the competition, so it would not make sense that Andoni, having arrived recently and with several days without participating, is so high in the table.

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Another thing that has been running on social networks is that “they would be conditioning Andoni García to make him reach the final”, a point that they touch in this video in a very sensible way. Let’s remember that in Exatlon United States, throughout five seasons we have learned to expect the unexpected, and although Andoni is at the top now, there are many factors that are on the table and will soon come into play and could change everything. At this moment, it is very hasty to say that Andoni would win the fifth season of the competition as there would still be a month and a half to go before the expected outcome.

An additional detail would be that Andoni is so high in the table because he has had few passes where he has been victorious, as he continues on the circuits, he will not always win everything and his performance will adjust to his reality as an athlete as he goes. to the ring more and more.

Fans say

Apparently, the followers of Exatlon United States would agree that a victory for Andoni García would be unfair. “Jeivier before Andoni. But for my Kelvin, they have been there from day one and Andoni came in for reinforcement, although he is a very good athlete, but it is not fair, “said one fan, while another wrote” This Andoni came on vacation, he played about 3 times and then to rest, it is unfair with the members of the 2 teams. “

What do you think?

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